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Jillies Restaurant

Return and Refund Policy

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Return and Refund Policy

For your satisfaction, we ensure that you always get food delivery according to your requirements. Our return and refund policy enhance the trust of our customers in our determination.

Wrong order

Our management team ensures that you get the right food delivered at your place. However, if you get the wrong order delivered, then, you can simply contact us and let us know. We can make suitable changes in the transactions and provide the right food.

Bad food

Though we always cook our food with the freshest ingredients, we feel that it is our responsibility to provide assurance regarding the bad food. If you feel that the food is in bad quality, call us and let us know. We will take care of the inconvenience and provide you suitable refunds.

Cancellation of the order

We are unable to provide refunds for the return of the food. Also, if you cancel the order after the food has been cooked, the cancellation is not acceptable. For more information, you should contact us.

Contact us to ask your queries!

There are various terms and conditions that we include to ensure the perfection and professionalism in our services. So, if you feel the need to know more about our refund and return policies, feel free to give us a call. Our management team is always there to answer all your questions and help you out with the ordering.

We want to make sure that you receive best quality food and enjoy at your own place. And you can help us in doing that. 


Jillies Restaurant
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  • Jillies Restaurant
  • Jillies Restaurant


Jillies Restaurant

What the people say

G. Austin Poliakon

Loved it more for service versus sandwich. Quality of the beef was top notch. Was a bit too rare for me, and when I went back to just get a hamburger, the girl at the counter was genuinely concerned with why I didn't like the beef sandwich, when I explained it was just too rare, she immediately made me a new one cooked to my liking. I'm used to Chicago style beef sandwiches and this just didn't compare. Still, top quality and amazing service. Would definitely come back and try something else.

Raymond Leavitt

Friendly and polite atmosphere food is good place is clean service is fast I recommend this place

Ali Sullivan

Roast beef is amazing!!!! No wait, love the drive thru.